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What's Your DJ Worth

Please hear my heart as you read this. My only goal is to inform and prepare anyone looking for a wedding DJ for short weddings and on a super tight budget. Lord, please guard my thoughts and words so they might be received. The last 18 months have been nothing less than financially trying. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who understands that more than a mobile DJ. After all, our businesses were entirely shut down due to covid. We understand that most of our clients are still trying to regain financial stability, just as we are. That being said, let's have a candid conversation. I'm reminded too often that the general public still has no idea how much work a wedding DJ does. So let's say you just want a song for ceremony and a couple hours of reception music at a 4pm start. We arrive on site around 2 in order to setup before your guests arrive. We're likely going to play seating music simply because we're already there. You likely didn't want us to bother with mics, in order to stay in budget. More often than not, that's a very risky decision where your guests are concerned. How much time will it take to finish pictures between the ceremony and reception? Let's just say 30 minutes, very conservatively! Now let's do your entry and formal dances. Remember, we're on a serious time crunch and we haven't yet opened the dancefloor. So, let's get the floor open and quick mix the best songs we hand picked with the help of the client. We've only got an hour or less to get in about 20 songs or so. Maybe 25 if your DJ can quick mix, meanwhile trying desperately to keep the energy and vibe at the level you expect. Alright, so the party is coming to an abrupt ending, as your expectations have hopefully been met. Let's recap. We did not stop for cake cutting. We did not pause for toasts or even bouquet and garter toss. There probably weren't lights to help set the mood. If your DJ is even average, there are no less than 10 hours that have been dedicated to your big day. 7 of those hours are on site. Maybe a total of 30 minutes of consult time. Song prep and making sure we have the particular songs on your must play list. There was likely a venue visit, just to be sure of everything needed the day of. All of that, plus the expertise to pack all of the best of your event into a very short timeframe. I'll close with this. Please, please don't misunderstand me. I don't want this to be taken out of context. Entertaining the crowd and playing music is the fun part. It's what we love to do. It's what we continue to train to do. The prep, consult, setup, music research, day of coordinating (yes we have to do it even if you don't see it) and critical time management.. These are the things that we base the larger part of our value on. I don't discount that your budget is fixed. We don't take lightly the fact that you even considered us to be such a big part of your day. But please be prepared to miss out on the DJ that you really wanted because he/she just can't justify missing a full rate event for one that pays half for nearly the same amount of work. Again, I plead that you hear my heart. Please don't devalue your DJ. They likely play the biggest role in the flow and outcome of how your big day will be remembered. If you're still reading, please comment. Was this helpful? Did I make it through this and not get in my own way? Was it insightful? Did I sound like an arrogant jerk? Lol. But seriously, thank you, each and every person who has even considered me for your most important events. I don't take a single second of this journey for granted.

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