• Willie Robb

A Day Off?!?

While I'm not entirely sure there is such a thing for a single op DJ, there are what i would call slow days. It often includes catching up on the small things that complete the big things. Such as social media, back office and website items. That's normally after searching the billboards and music pools for a couple hours, to see what new music is out there.

Not many really see what it takes to keep a small DJ business competitive. Even less understand the grind. The endless song lists that the day never provides enough hours to listen to. The hours of adding cues and tags to each individual new song. The countless emails and facebook messages that somehow seem to go unread at times. It's definitely not for the weak or undriven.

All that being said, the slow days are often the most rewarding for me. At the end of those days, i get to see things in a new way. There are new pictures posted. There are new responses to social media posts. New music that I'm excited to play. And most importantly, new people that I'm excited to serve. Hopefully, this slow day has created a soundtrack all it's own and is just waiting for a unique event to make it's debut. But.... there really are no days off!

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